We are so blessed to have Bishop Hall, a powerful prophet and pastor, along with Evangelist Hall, an anointed, Spirit-filled woman of God as our Guest Preachers!  Don’t Miss Your Blessing; Make the Services!                                                          

Praise the Lord!  God is Love and…

We give THANKS and ADMIRATION to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has reconciled us to God and has blessed us with the ministry of reconciliation (II Corinthians 5:17-21)! 

God’s timing is perfect in the Kingdom of God and He is fulfilling His Word and demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit just as He promised.

He has many exceeding great and precious promises yet to unfold to His children.

His Glory is still being revealed in these last and evil days before the second coming of Jesus Christ!

As the saints of God continue operating and living in His Kingdom, we are experiencing His amazing grace and wonder working power as we prepare for Jesus’ arrival!

 …Accept an Invitation to come to Reconciliation Covenant Church….a  Kingdom of God church that loves and welcomes you to attend our blessed and anointed services.

Come receive the “Preached” Gospel of Jesus Christ as you witness the sincere love, become illuminated, and experience the glorious manifestation of the Lord!

We look Forward to Your Presence At Worship With Us! 

God Bless You Is Our Prayer,

   Pastor Randolph and Evangelist Jacqueline Harris